Beermat Images Limited is the number one manufacturer and printer of bespoke beermats in the UK with a factory and offices based in Northampton, England. 

We have been producing beermats in the UK for more than 20 years and outside the UK for considerably longer. In other words, we have spent long enough manufacturing beermats to have delivered on virtually every challenge placed before us. In fact, it was Thirstys that turned the manufacturing process on its head to be able to produce much smaller runs of real beermats at a price to make it viable as both a complimentary media product and advertising medium available to all. Today we even produce bespoke beermats for use at weddings as well as supplying craft beermakers on a regular basis.

This site is not intended to sell us, our main website provides all the detail and information about our services, products and ethos. Instead, this site provides a flavour of what our customers have created using Thirstys beermats. Their creativity inspires us to do deliver the best depiction of their ideas and concepts. The beermat images on this site are here to act as an inspiration, to provide impetus where it is needed and as a testimony to the creative minds of our clients.